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How to view your website before updating nameservers (Like using temp url)

The best way of testing your sites is to modify your local hosts file right on your local computer. This file allows you to tell your local computer what...

How to properly rebuild PHP using CustomBuild 2.0 in DirectAdmin via CLI (LiteSpeed example)

Updated: 3/30/2020 DirectAdmin has a very nice system for rebuilding PHP that works almost the same way EasyApache would on cPanel. In DirectAdmin, it's called CustomBuild...

DirectAdmin Various Tutorials

We know that DirectAdmin is very different from cPanel, and many users that go to DirectAdmin come from a cPanel system. This link will help with many different topics...

How to add CustomBuild to DirectAdmin (Works Like cPanel EasyApache)

Most users who have used cPanel know that EasyApache was a great system for easily compiling different software on a cPanel server. DirectAdmin has something like this that does...

Trigger an action via CSF when server load is high on VPS or Server

ConfigServer Firewall works well by default. But if you customize it some, it can be even more poweful of a tool. When your load is high, you usually receive an alert...

How to install Malware Detect (Maldet) for CentOS 6 / Linux

NOTE: This is for VPS and Dedicated Servers Malware Detect is very easy to install on CentOS, regardless of the control panel you utilize (cPanel/WHM, Directadmin, etc). Maldet also known as Linux...