There are times an account of yours or one of your clients is infected, down, or misconfigured and you need to be able to restore a backup. You can do this easily via our Jetbackup backup system in your DirectAdmin or cPanel system.

Webhostpython now gives all of its web hosting customers the ability to restore their own accounts without needing to ask for assistance.Here is how to restore an account

  1. Log into the end user panel that you are wanting to restore an account for and look for the JetBackup icon

    In DirectAdmin It will look like this

In cPanel it will look like this but may have slightly different icons. You want to be in the files section and will find Jetbackup there

2. Then, a new window will open with Jetbackup. Click on Full Backups

3. Now select the full backup you want to restore or that you want to download to your computer

That’s it! You can also just restore a database or just restore a home directory if you are an advanced user and want to just do that. Simply click on the Home Directory or the Databases icon and restore the backup you want!