Updated: February 17, 2023

Issuing a SSL certificate is very straight forward with DirectAdmin. To do so, first log in as the admin. If you do not have admin access, skip through a few steps to step “4” of this tutorial.

  1. When logged into your DirectAdmin panel as ‘admin’, click on Show users

2) On the list of users, click on the actual username of the domain you want to issue a SSL certificate for

3) Now click “Login as user” to get to the individual users account

4) You are now in the users control panel. From here, type in “SSL” in the search bar

5) Now switch over to “Free and automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt” or “Get automatic certificate from ACME Provider”.

You will want to secure the default options there as seen in this screenshot as well as any subdomains you may have. So “yourdomain.com” (your actual domain), www, and “mail.” all need to be secured. Then click on Save”

That’s it!