You have just ordered a VPS from with the Ubuntu OS. However, by default the Ubuntu VPS we deploy comes only with the command-line version of the OS. Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop is very resource intensive, so we highly recommend using Lubuntu. It is very light weight, but has a very good and fast feel to it, especially when used with the TigerVNC viewer app. So, where do you start with the installation of Lubuntu? You will need to login to your VPS via VNC (or putty, but preferably VNC).

After Logging in via VNC, you would do the following in the command line:
First, we need to make sure you have the latest updates, so you would run:
sudo apt-get update
It may prompt you to confirm you would like the download of certain files. Simply type ‘y’ for yes. This may take a while. When it is complete, you would then type in:
sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop
This will begin the installation of the Lubuntu Desktop system on your Ubuntu system. When this is complete, simply type
This will reboot your machine and load into the newly installed Lubuntu Desktop system (provided you used VNC to do the installation).*A tip, when you first are prompted with the login screen of Lubuntu, you will have to choose "other" for username. Then, at the prompt you type "root". For password, you type in the root password to your installation. You can not run the chromium web browser with the user root, but you can install firefox right from the 'Add/remove software' option, along with many other programs. If you would like to use chromium, you can 'signout' of root, and then sign back in as 'guest'. Thank you!