There are times your website stops working. The errors can range to everything from Database errors to 404 issues. This is the ultimate guide to fixing these issues and will updated periodically.

1: WordPress Homepage Works, but not SubPages:

If your homepage is working, but your subpages such as contact us, services, etc don’t work, then the problem is related to Permalinks. Here is how to fix that very easily.

2: Slow WordPress website loading speeds issue

If your website is loading slowly, check this guide out for ways to tweak it for better performance

3: WordPress wp-admin page will not load, will not let you log into the backend

So your website loads, there are no issues with it, but you cannot log into the backend. When you try to go to the normal wp-admin URL, it says page not found or any other error. The most common reason for this is a login hider type of plugin. There could be other reasons as well. Here is how to fix the issue

4: WordPress website does not load at all. Gives an internal server error, or page not found.

Your website was working earlier but now it has stopped working. This happens after you installed a new plugin, or an update occurred and ‘broke’ the site. This is a guide on getting that fixeed