This tutorial was written using the domain ” ” as a reference with full permission from the customer who owns this domain.

Creating an email account in your new cPanel web hosting plan is quite easy. Setting it up so it will work on your iOS, Android, or Outlook devices is very easy as well. This tutorial will explain how to create an email account, and then how to access it and set it up on different devices. Feel free to skip to certain sections if necessary

Create a new email account in cPanel

First you will want to log into cPanel. Then, click on “Email Accounts”

Then, you will see a list of email accounts that already exist. By default, your username will be listed there as an email account. You want to click on “Create”

When you do this, you will now be taken to the email account creation screen. Type in the email address name (the will already be there so just put in the first part of the email address), a password, size of the mailbox, and then click on Create

That’s it! You have now created an email account in cPanel. It will show up now in the list of accounts and you can click on “check email” to check your email now

Accessing email account in cPanel using webmail

To access your newly created email account, you have several options. One of them is via webmail through the cPanel screen shown as above, or by going directly to your For example, our clients domain is To access email for this newly created email account, you would go to:

Then you put in your username and password to log in. You will see an option for two different web mail clients, we strongly recommend using Roundcube since it’s newer and much nicer than Horde (Simply click on “Open” to open the inbox)

Setting up your devices to use the newly created email accounts of cPanel

If you need to setup your email accounts manually and don’t know the default settings to use, here they are:

To setup your email accounts for a device such as iOS or Outlook, please log into your cPanel account and go to “email accounts”. Then, click on connect devices as seen here next to the email account you want to connect to your device

You will then see a list of different devices you can auto setup your email for. Simply click on the option you want from the list and this will begin the process and/or show you the steps necessary to complete the setup. For example, if you are on iOS you will want to access this screen from your iPhone and click on IMAP over SSL/TLS” which will start the process of setting up your email account on your device

If you are on android, you will want to download an email app such as “Mozilla Thunderbird” or KDE Kmail and then on your android device access this screen to click on “Auto Config”. Or you can use the settings above to manually setup the email account (The settings posted above for manaully configuring a client”.

Thank you!