So you have a business, you have an idea, you’ve pictured how great your website will look online and have everything ready to go! Then, someone says ” You need web hosting if you want your website online”… what?? What in the world is web hosting! Well, it’s easy and complicated all at the same time

Think of web hosting as buying land for your new home. You have this house you want to build, but you need a place to build the house right? That is what web hosting is. Your website is “the house” and web hosting is “the land” where your house will reside. You can’t have one without the other. So the internet, or the “World Wide Web” is like planet earth. And there are a bunch of different cities (domains, .coms) all over the place. You find the city you want (your domain name is the city – example: is the ‘city’ in this example) and you also know the home you want to build (your website). Now, you just need to choose the plot of land to build your new home on (your web hosting). Fair enough?

But why does a web host matter, can’t I just go to “Godaddy” like I see everyday on TV and tell them I want to “host” with them? Well, it’s not that simple. When you go to buy a plot of land, you can buy land in a flood zone, maybe in a earth quake zone, or somewhere that’s prone to hurricanes! So you want to make sure the web host you choose is safe, reliable, and most importantly FAST! So although these companies have what I would call “deep pockets” and you see them everywhere, they’re kind of like the popup houses you see being built in mass in your neighborhood. They’re just ‘okay’. Then, you have the beautiful brick homes with landscaping and ‘comfort’, not so cold and bland.

That is where comes into play! We want you to host with us, or, build your dream home with us! We have beautiful landscaping, trees, and fresh air that you can feel proud of! You go with Mr. Deep Pockets and you’ll get a ‘cheap’ hosting plan that sounds great. Then, you’ll find yourself locked into a multi year contract with no mercy for those who find themselves in a flood zone and wanting a refund! Lastly, if you make it through the year, you’ll find that the price you signed up for was just some sort of intro price, and that your renewal has gone up tremendously… No one likes it when the county raises their property taxes!

We promise to give you exactly what you see you’re paying for. If you sign up at $XX, that will always be your renewal price. There are no hidden fees, no price increases, no introductory pricing. Most importantly, our web hosting will give you unlimited email accounts, unlimited backups in case you do something to mess up your website, fast speeds so that Google can say “Hey this website is beautiful and it’s in the ‘fast lane’ so we’re going to bump it up in the search engines so people can find this website easier”.

Lastly, we promise to give you our 100% support in making sure your website is always online, always operating, and that if you have any questions day or night 24/7 365, that you have someone you can talk to and help you. Thank you!

James –