Ok, so I’m glad that we have a ‘Fun & Fooling Around’ category on here. This is where you will most likely see me talk about my team the Heat! I’m a big time Miami Heat fan and I’m so glad to see that the season is here! We are ready this year. We have depth, we have size, we have speed, we have youth, and most importantly, we have D-Wade and the vets!

Here are my thoughts and notes, feel free to chime in if you feel like it although this is a web hosting forum and not a sports forum so I doubt I’ll get any activity. But I still get to vent my frustrations, thoughts, and feelings because I was given free reign to write about anything I want in the ‘Fun and Fooling Around’ thread 🙂

1) Hassan Whiteside – The kid will break out this year or blow out, and it all depends on his attitude. He can get like a spoiled brat, and mopey, and pissed at too many calls, when he doesn’t get the ball, and little petty things like that. It’s why he’s 26 and just now being given a real shot at the NBA. If he can get his attitude under control, stay positive, and keep at it, he will be the heats biggest X-Factor

2) Dwayne Wade – He’s hot, he’s feeling it, and like he said he’s in better shape than his entire career even if he’s getting old (NBA version of old that is). This guy is THE man, the heat’s brain and heart. He is finally being paid well after getting short changed due to LeThong* Sorry, typo, LeBron leaving the heat, and he’s ready to take the supporting cast to the next level!

3) Tyler Johnson – I love this guy, a young rising star. He reminds me of wade, but I worry he’s going to get lost in the rotation this year because we have more depth than ever. And if that happens, someone is going to get this Fresco kid on their payroll and we will be losing a next generation firecracker.

Let’s go HEAT!