If you have logged into your VPS or server and noticed that you had an IP address that was not assigned to any accounts, yet you are unable to use it because it says you have 0 free ip addresses or that the IP address is assigned to nobody (or shared with nobody), you can fix it using this tutorial. This is usually caused by the termination of a reseller that was sharing a dedicated IP, before the IP was actually removed. So when attempting to delete the IP from the system you may see that it is listed as “Shared IP address for nobody” and has no option to delete, even though there are no sites assigned to it.

First you need to login to SSH. If you need help on how to use putty or login to SSH, please do a search on our knowledge base for “putty” and you will find a step by step tutorial on how to use putty to login to your server.

After logging into your VPS or server as the root user, run the following two commands to rebuild the httpd.conf and the IP address pool:

Then, login to WHM > “IP address functions” > “Rebuild the IP address pool”
Now, you should be able to use the dedicated IP and when running a report on free IP’s avaia;ble, your IP will show up. You can now delete or assign this IP to an account on your server or VPS.