The year has flown by, it was here yesterday, and now, it’s almost gone. We saw this year bring a lot of changes to the hosting industry. We saw the huge EIG (Endurance International Group) swallow up some more victims hosting companies as they sold out to them, we’ve seen other long time names go under, and others maintain a steady ship.

We also saw a lot of great changes around the industry. Hardware prices continued to drop. We saw the introduction of the first 2TB Samsung SSD drives which resulted in a huge shift in storage prices. These massive 2TB SSD drives are a beauty to behold but I can’t help seeing myself say at the end of this next year, “wow, I was excited about a little ole 2TB SSD drive”? Its kind of like getting happy about a new 1TB mechanical drive, where now looking back, you see how far along we’ve come. Still, today, in this year, in the ‘now’, that’s awesome news and brought so many positive things in terms of the direction of web hosting and capacity of web hosting.

Some people are scared of price drops, they worry that this will hurt bottom lines, profit margins, and hurt business as we know it. I disagree with that notion. Lower prices means better service, more opportunities to present quality hardware, and then of course lower total operating costs. When we first started offering Black Python VPS hosting plans, we were allocating 2GB of memory on those plans. Now, you get 4GB of memory on that same plan for the same price. You even get 4GB of memory on the same SSD VPS Hosting plan!What’s not to like about falling hardware prices!

We saw the single biggest year of growth in the history of Webhostpython. We were able to aggressively pursue the best of the best in hardware, and customers saw that. Churn was at an all time low, customer satisfaction at an all time high, and overall, we felt very good, very proud of the service we provided. We never stopped hammering away at what we do best, and we never strayed away from our identity of providing the best Webhostpython Experience we could. We purchased hardware at a rate we never projected, and in doing so, replaced many of the older ‘legacy’ servers 12 months earlier than planned. Quality. That is our priority, it always has been, and always will be. The world can compete on pricing all they want, but Team Python will always focus on being a quality web hosting provider. We have always been able to effectively balance quality web hosting with relative pricing to bring a harmonious balance to everyone.

As 2015 comes to a close, and 2016 comes upon us, we thank everyone for a great year. To the long time loyal reseller, dedicated, and vps hosting customers, thank you for your loyalty to our team. We appreciate you and will never take you for granted. To the many that joined our team this year, thank you for allowing us to earn your business and respect. To all customers, we want you to know that we pledge to continue being the best at what we do, and being very serious about meeting and exceeding your expectations. We will continue to beef up the hardware on all of our web hosting services, continue to take every one of your tickets very seriously, and continue to be the home-team you guys have grown to know. We will never out source that support, we will always be in touch 1-on-1 with you, and do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Thank you and have a happy New Years!

Team Python