JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages on the net. All the modern web browsers implement this language. That is why it is one of the most important programming languages to learn. The following are some of the important tools for JavaScript developers to use:
• jQuery
The JavaScript commands and functions are not easy to use and require many lines of code. jQuery is a framework that makes it simple and easy to use JavaScript commands and functions. Many of the popular JavaScripts you find today use jquery (like the revolution slider, twitter addon, etc)
• AngularJS
AngularJS, also known as Angula, is a framework developed by Google to help in the use of difficult commands. It’s not as popular as the others but is picking up steam quickly because, well, it’s google :-/
• ReactJS
Also known as React. It was created by Facebook in 2013. It has a less processing time, which makes it perfect for web developers to use.
• Bootstrap
Bootstrap is the most popular framework for JavaScript because it uses the technique of responsive web design. It was created by GitHub. You’ll find this behind almost every single responsive website template you find on the internet!
• Sublime Text
Sublime Text is a text editor that provides syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts and auto complete. It can be used on both Windows and Apple operating system. It can be customized. It provides multiple plugins for IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is a good choice for beginners.
• WebStorm
WebStorm provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for JavaScript. It is used for code-completion, code-inspection, debugging and testing. Live Edit functionality is one of the best features of WebStorm.
• Brackets
It is an IDE for developers who are interested in graphics. One of the nice features of Brackets is that it allows to view PSD files to get information about font, color and size.
• Atom
It is a free rich text editor developed by GitHub. It is easy to install and use and no configuration file is needed to run it. Virtually everything about Atom can be customized. The background and text color can be changed by applying different themes which can be downloaded from the web.
• Source Map files
These files are very helpful in debugging.
• Linting
A linting tool checks your code for common errors. The most popular linting tools for JavaScript are JSHint and JSLint.
• Grunt
It is a tool used to execute user defined tasks. Grunt watch is a feature which allows you to trigger events whenever a file is changed.
• Gulp
The function of Gulp is same as that of Grunt but it uses the code to execute user defined tasks.